At Mi ami? sustainability is at the core of everything we design, as we firmly believe that every single one of us shares the responsibility of treating the planet with care. Fashion brands hold an especially crucial role in reverting the devastating effects that fashion production has had on the environment. We thoughtfully produce in small batches to avoid over-stocking and waste, and we partner with suppliers that adhere strictly to the highest standards of ethical working conditions and organic raw material sourcing. The certifications awarded to our suppliers include: 

Sustainable Fabrics

Our garments are made with sustainably sourced, 100% organic cotton (no pesticides harmful for the environment and people), recycled polyester and other sustainable fabrications like Modal.

 In House Tie-Dyed

We have tie-dyed the finished garments in our Brooklyn studio utilizing the least amounts possible of dyes, for a very small limited series of one-of-a-kind pieces. We prefer an artisanal approach that allows us to control each outcome in the least wasteful way.


 Hand-Crafted Graphics

Our flocked graphics are individually hand-cut in our Brooklyn studio and applied with heat. Any screen printing takes place at a partnering local small business in Industry City, Brooklyn.